Monday, December 1, 2008

when pink toes attack...

Move over Shanna Moakler and Sara Palin, there's a new patron saint of poor white trash in town. It seems, Cindy Guyer, a model for covers of err-umm romance novels like "Rebellious Bride," allegedly attacked her estranged husband, Andrew Catapano's mistress at his fraud trial at Brooklyn federal court.

Apparently, the jump-off arrived before Cindy and seated herself in the front row of the court. When Cindy saw her, she immediately started cutting up ('cause old girl was what? out of her lane). And as soon as the court took a break, she ran and snatched homegirl up in the hall.

The best part is, if convicted of the husband is looking at 10 years. And call it intuition but my money says, not nam one of those broads is gonna be catching the gypsy van up to Sing-Sing for a conjugal visit.

Sigh, this might've just made my day.

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