Friday, December 5, 2008

oh, so now you give me the side-eye...

We are officially in the end of days...

A black woman (that looks like a man) gave her (play-play) nephew to a (poor white trash) couple in CA to keep as a slave.

Apparently, the woman and teen came to live with the couple about a year ago. And while there were there, the "aunt" put the sixteen year old in shackles (I'm talking a chain around his ankle) and left him there for a YEAR. Among other unspeakable abuses, the teen was chained up in the living room starving while the couple and their 3 kids (btwn the ages of 1 and 9) sat and ate dinner across the room in the kitchen.

When asked why even participate in the abuse (the woman personally struck the teen in the knee with a bat 5 different times) cause apparently, she's so sorry (see photo). Old girl explained that she felt forced. Because wait on it... "she was afraid Ramirez (the aunt) would hurt her own children." Really? And you over the course of a YEAR, you never once thought to just put the transsexual looking psycho the hell out and call the cops?

Somebody light a candle.

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  1. Reminds me of that book, A Boy Called "It" by David Pelzer. I cried all the way through it. I was so torn up that I could not bring myself to read his follow-up book. This is the same type of ish. I don't think it's a real punishment to let people just sit in jail for what they did. Being able to add some drama to their stay should be lawful!