Monday, December 22, 2008

i'll pass...

Uh-huh all you "I'm-healthier-than-thou-because-I-eat-sushi-and-do pilates" people better watch yourselves. Apparently everyone's favorite anal agent, actor Jeremy Piven aka 'Ari' from HBO's Entourage was recently hospitalized from the elevated levels of mercury in his diet. And doctors are blaming his illness on the large amount of fish in his diet. Forreal, dude had to withdraw from 'Speed-the-Plow,the Broadway play he was starring in and the whole nine. God grief. Is the salmon and swordfish that serious?

Mmm-hmm, that's why I'm sticking to the roasted chicken from my local Dominican takeout. Cause the only thing you ever get from El Malecon is overcharged.


  1. It could be all that asian hooker "sushi" he's been eating too.

  2. You gotta spring the extra few dollars for the "wild caught" fish; the farm-raised is kept in tight quarters, and that's what increases the mercury levels.

    One would have thought that with his loot, he's spring for the wild caught...