Sunday, December 28, 2008

turn it off and shut your mouth

So we can all agree that there's very little more annoying than the people who think its okay to make noise in the theater during a movie. With zero shame, I have shushed (is that even a word?) the shit out of more than one uruly gaggle of teens. For the record, I never thought twice about tossing a snotty comment or two about the obvious lack of home training in the direction of the noisemakers. And if its really, really bad (cause sometimes it's like that uptown) I'm quick to send my date to snag the manager and have those fools tossed the hell out.

So as you can see, I am very protective of my little $10.50 investment. But there is, as Elsa likes to say, a limit to the stupidity. And for the record, it is not acceptable, I repeat NOT ACCEPTABLE- to SHOOT people over a damn movie.

No sir James Joseph Cialella, contrary to popular news reports Philly is not the wild, wild, West. There will be no popping off at folks just because you can't hear what Rosario Dawson whispered to Will Smith at that crucial moment in the opening scene. Do you hear me? You'd better pull it together white boy!