Thursday, December 4, 2008

from 1 normal person to another...

True to my word, I did manage to watch the VS show last night. I must say, it was much, much better than I expected - even if I didn't get a glimpse of Karolina's missing belly button.

I liked the backstage action-especially when one model's costume zipper popped right 4 seconds before the finale and every damn body started freaking out. I am def loving the high-waisted undies. Although we should all be clear that w/o a flat tummy those will look crazy. And whomever that beautiful brown girl with the bangs is (Jessica White?), she's officially my new girl crush for '09.

Howsomever, as expected there were some undeniably questionable aspects to the broadcast- starting with like the ridiculous amount of Heidi Klum air time. Sure ole girl's English is much improved thanks to the past 4 seasons of Project Runway, but there is a reason she says all of five sentences per episode. And not to start no mess but am I the only one that noticed that Usher "I-only-sung-2-songs-but-I'm-dripping-in-sweat" Raymond was performing sans wedding band? Mmmm-hmmm, I'm just calling it like I see it. Oh and last but not least, I definitely could've done without the montage of models discussing the 'lamest pick-up lines guys have ever tried on them'. Talking about, "Just say hi, my name is.... A formal introduction never fails to impress. We're just like the normal people..." Really sweetie? Are you just like the normal people?

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  1. yeah i liked it way more than i thought i would. not sold on the highwasisted panty...but i also wasn't a fan of the low-rise thong...but the PINK section was my favorite...oh and when the models were singing the songs...catching a model singing kanye all wrong is very funny.