Friday, December 5, 2008

and the biggest loser of 2008 is...

Oh O.J... Nine years? Really? Sigh. I swear there's never been a person that wanted to go to jail more than dumbass O.J. Some negores are simply exhausting.

You get off the hook. But instead of being grateful that God was asleep that day, you went back to snorting coke and beating on white women. Then you write a book on "how you would've done it, if you did it. And now, armed robbery in Vegas hotel room?

Talking about,"you didn't know it was wrong and you stand before the judge a little confused???? I'll bet you are, sweetie.

Johnny Cochran is straight turning over in his grave right now.


  1. Johnnie is standing straight up in his grave right now cussing OJ out in rhymes, trust!

  2. All I can do is shake my head. Didn't he know he was supposed to go slink away quietly and go play checkers in his basement?


  3. He deserves to go to jail. And so does Plaxico. And so do anymore assholes who are out ruining it for decent black men. THIS IS WHY I CASNT GET A CAB HALF THE DAMN TIME! We got a presiden that looks like you and me, so step your game up.

  4. Yeah...he was begging for it. BEGGING FOR IT LIKE A CRACKHEAD BEGS FOR $5 AFTER A 2 WEEK DROUGHT.