Thursday, December 11, 2008

the stretch-marked skin i'm in...

So 51% of you guys prefer to get it popping with the lights on?? Very progressive, aren't we? Could it be that the Dove Campaign For Real Beauty is actually on to something? Have we finally learned to embrace the body's natural lumps and bumps? Hmm, knowing my triflin' friends it's probably all the access to countless YouTube videos of super, super-sized women wearing bras and thongs/ dental floss (as seen on my new guilty pleasure But whatever it takes... it's good to know that we're a-okay working with what our mamas gave us. Thanks Els!

Oh and I'm so sure it won't be much longer until the 43% of you guys on the fence with the over-exposure issues fall into the bucket with the rest of us exhibitionists. As much money as the cute undies cost? Who wants to be hiding? I need you to see the product and the overall vision. This way, you can understand why I wanna wild out when you carelessly break a strap or rip the seam.

As for the remaining 5%... Let's see, what can I say... Um, have fun fumbling around in the dark? I sure hope you're using protection and making your partner go to the doctor on a regular basis. 'Cause if they can't see you, guess what? You can't see it. And I am not the one for crazy surprise that can happen in the dark. No sir.

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