Monday, December 8, 2008

does the cheese make it worse...

You know some crimes are just so ridiculous you can't really take them seriously. Picture this:

A couple driving down the road gets into an arguement. What about? oh, I don't know. Let's say she asked him to turn right and he kept going straight. And she gets pissed cause she's tired of going in circles. Anyhoo, to show how sick of his directionally challenged ass she is, she goes ahard tosses the 99 cent Super value drink he just bought out the window. Sidebar: You like how I filled in the story with my own color commentary, right?

In response, this fool back hands homegirl with a CHEESEBURGER. Then wait on it... He pulls over, yanks that butt out the car and proceeds to slap her silly with the aforementioned burger.

O- MI-GOD. Can you please imagine driving by and witnessing this craziness? Or worse, being the police officer that had to keep a straight face while the victim explained what had hapened to her???
LORD, come get your children.


  1. It could've been some hot grits, so let's be thankful for small miracles

  2. Oh my God I'm dieing!!! She got her butt beat with a burger!!!

  3. Girl, where do you find these stories? I have to go click the link now. That can't be real. No. It can't. I refuse to believe it! LOL