Monday, December 8, 2008

its all so clear...

Oh now, I get it...

The real reason that Lord wasn't there to grant Plaxico the commonsense of a 5th grader, save OJ from himself or even prevent ole boy from smacking the taste outta his girlfriend's mouth with a greasy burger? Because he was busy picking out his matching gators and bowler hat for the pimp suit ensemble that he planned to wear to the Sunday service at Greater Grace Temple; a Pentecostal church in Detroit. Cause according to the New York Times, Greater Grace placed not one but THREE SUVs on the alter... 'Cause they were praying for a bailout.



  1. As further evidence that the church is a business, and should be taxed accordingly, instead of ducking under "separation of church and state"

    Where is the catholic church on this? WHere is the synagogue on this? Where are the musmlims on this? Not one buddhists prayer flag in sight.

    No leave it "those people" to have a full on BET classic-worth coon festival praying for a company where nan executive look like one southern baptist parishoner.

    You beetter tell GM to put some car keys and deeds in an envelope for the education fund. folk. OY VEY!

  2. gotta love detroit. this is why i talk so much trash about my former hometown.

  3. WOW... Is all I can say. I'll say it again: WOW.

  4. thank you for calling this out.

  5. Adrienne Wallace HaywardDecember 9, 2008 at 6:02 PM

    You have got to be kidding me. Okay I guess folks can pray for whatever they want. I guess it makes sense with the fact that it is Detroit and probable 80% of the congregation works in the industry...but Hhhhhmmmh. I'm praying for improvshed children and an end to war all over the world so someone's gotta have GMs back.