Tuesday, December 16, 2008

so sad, i have to laugh...

And to think, I thought I was having a rough time lately... According to AP reports, it's gonna cost Madonna close to $75 million dollars to get a divorce form guy Ritchie. And the best part? That's the settlement! He didn't even take her to the mat for cheating with lameass A-Rod. Damn.

But wait on it... as if it isn't enough to hand your hard earned money to a good for nothing marginally talented director- oh wait, some people would prob say the same about her as a singer- in a recent concert, the Kaballah Queen slipped and fell down mid-step. Yup, sure did. One minute she's prancing across the stage in booty shorts and some trannie certified sneaker-high heel hybrid and the next she's on her back. Splat!

Granted, I'll give it to her. The Material Girl definitely tried to play it off like an intention move. But let's be real, Madge ain't no body spring chicken. There wasn't going ot be any 'jump right back up' like the time Ms. Beyonce tumbled down the steps in her concert. No sir. Lord knows, she's probably seeing a chiropractor right this moment.

You know, it almost feels wrong to laugh at the senior citizen... almost.

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