Tuesday, December 9, 2008

lookin for a four-leaf clover...

One of my least favorite sayings in the world is: Ain’t nothing worth having ever come easy.

WHY NOT? Why can’t I get rich without trying? Why won’t this article write itself? Why can’t I meet the perfect partner, get married and live happily ever after? Why can’t I have thighs of steel without stepping foot in that stinky New York Sports Club gym ever, ever, ever again? Huh, dammit? (insert moment of silence for me to cut the crap and pull myself together).

Okay so now that I have that out of my system, can we talk about the 26% of you guys in relationships with people who, that if circumstances were ideal, you might not share a cup of coffee with let alone have sex? Good grief, this is just so depressing to me. I mean I hear you with the whole, “real relationships require work and compromise.” But seriously?

Perhaps (and I’m quite sure I have an ex or two that'd agree), I'm still deep in my selfish stage... but is it really better to be with Mr. Whatever than Mr. He Works-It-Out?

Like seriously, are the 53% of us holding out for the fairytale bugging? It's okay, you can tell us. Even if we are; I know I'm trying to get into as much tomfoolery as possible while in this blissful state of denial. Cause there's nothing worse than the miserable single chick. It's like for all that , you might as well go ahead and settle down with the whatever approaches you on the next trip to the grocery store ('cause you know nothing says come and get it, like a ratty pair of sweats and dingy head scarf).

As for 20% of you who swear that you’ve found your soul mates- dirty drawers and all- Can you please stop being so stingy with the info? How did you do it? Where did you go? And did you see unicorns while you were there? No sir, I'm just playing.

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