Friday, December 5, 2008

i'm calling my cousin and the po-po....

Unfortunately, domestic violence is like SARS. It's just one of those things that no one ever sees coming. Like honestly, would you really get involved with a person if you could envision them smacking fire out of you or worse, leaving you dead in a ditch on the side of the road? Yeah, I didn't think so. But approximately 33 million people have found themsleves in that situation at least once in their lives. Since, it's clearly out of most of our control-and I say most b/c when dude tells you that he has anger management issues and you just giggle it off, then you know what you're signing up for-the $1,000,000 question is:

When it goes down, what are YOU gonna do?

I mean it's not like back in the day, when your parents could just step in or even better, your brother/ cousin would beat that butt and he'd never even think about looking at you again. Nowadays, not only are you on your own but you've also got to worry about this nonsense affecting your personal (cause neighbors are always good for the gossip) and professional life (God forbid crazy gets out of hand and he shows up at the job). JESUS.

I definitely understand why the 37% voted to handle the matter privately. It took a long time and a lot of energy to build your reputation and career. Whereas it only takes one incident and a few words in the wrong person's mouth to destroy everything. As long as you're physically okay and absolutely certain the person isn't going to come back to make your life a living hell, then it's probably natural to want to move on with your life. And quietly I'm sure many of you aren't calling the police is because you already called your dad/ brother/ thugged out cousin and his boys to man-handle that fool right quick.

However, I'm with the 62% of you who don't give a damn what the so-called stakes are. If it pops off; I'm calling the po-po, pressing charges AND seeing that mo-fo in court. So what if everyone whispers "you should've known better: or that "it's a such a shame" when I pass by. Like Elsa always says- that ain't nothing but nine days talk. Fingers crossed his butt will be sitting in a cell or on probation for a much longer period of time.

You know, what I've learned over the years is that I'm not an exception. If dude put his hands on me, there's a good chance he's hit before and will do it again afterwards. As much as I want him out of my life, I don't want him to get away with doing that to the next chick. Hopefully, a spot in the police blotter and a little jail time will make that fool think long and hard before getting physical with anyone's daughter/ sister/ neice/ BFF.

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