Thursday, December 11, 2008

i die...

You know what? Rich people K-I-L-L me!

Why is there an article in today's New York Times about people with money who feel too guilty to be seen carrying too many high end shopping bags because of this whole annoying 'recession thing'??? Wait on it... Rather than reduce the gratuitous consumption; these chicks have gone underground!
Instead, they are choosing to shop at private showroom sales in random hotel rooms and apartments around the city-with armed security at the doors. Um, okay Harriet...
And I quote... "'These people felt as if they belonged to a club,' Ms. Stratton-Norris said, 'one that caters to their tastes and where they could meet like-minded people.' Socially at ease, they were free to indulge an acquisitive streak, 'not embarrassed to purchase in multiples or to tell me, I’ll have one of these in every color.’ ” Do you want one in every color Buffy? Really? HILARIOUS.

Not for nothing, but doesn't this remind you of those secret swinger societies? I can see it now... shop first, exchange husbands later. Umm-hmmm, you know I'm on to something.

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