Tuesday, December 2, 2008

age ain't nothing but a number...

Contrary to popular belief the reason I asked you guys what was the youngest age you'd consider dating is not because I'm trying to rationalize hooking up with a 21 year-old (been there, passed on that). Actually, it's because of a conversation I shared with my girl about an article that ran about a week ago in the NY Daily news. The story covered a 37 year-old Queens teacher who was fired because sleeping with a 17-year-old male model. Normally, I am very anti teachers of any age sleeping with their students (especially if she looks like this one/ see photo). But, I must say the specifics on that case are a tad suspect... the two initially met when he was twelve but they didn't have sex until he was sixteen. And the kid isn't exactly "a student" because he's been overseas working on various campaigns since middle school (read: dude only has a 7th grade education). But I as usual, I digress. So after hearing about all that drama and confusion, naturally I was curious how low you would go...

Surprisingly, 10% were actually willing to date someone in their early twenties. I must say, that's very admirable of you. Personally, I'm not so sure how long I could last with someone who hadn't been alive long enough to share my memories of the Force MDs, multi-colored scrunchi socks and bad jheri curls.

As expected, the majority of folks like myself (47%), said that they were willing to dabble in the late twenties dating pool. All you nonbelievers, go on and admit it, a little less common sense and a little more energy never really hurt nobody.

However, a whole 42% refuse to even consider anything below the 30 year mark. Really? So old? I mean, ain't that man-breast and beer gut territory nowadays? Don't you wanna live a little dangerously? I guess I can sorta see where the whole idea of building a foundation on mutual interests and shared intelligent conversation probably swayed that selection... there are going to be those slightly annoying periods of time when the two of you are doing more than having sex, right?

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