Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i want popcorn and gummy bears and...

I'm not the bigest movie goer. Call me cheap but there's something about paying damn near $12 to watcha movie that I preview for free through some random hook-up ('cause there's always a hook-up) or worse case scenerio, wait four months and get for like $1.75 through my NETFLIX membership. To make matters worse, there haven't really been any recent releases in I don't know, oh the past five YEARS that's seemed worth half the effort of picking a theater, selecting a showtime, coordinating with friends and busting my ass in enough time to get a good seat. Bottom line? That $12 could just as easily go towards a much needed manicure at the Chinese spot up the block.

But I have to say, this Christmas, I'm actually excited about a bunch of new releases. I am dying to see Slumdog Millionaire! Forget all the fantastic buzz and rave reviews, there's enough angst in those promo posters alone to make me feel like I'm PMSing. And can we talk about Doubt, Milk, The Wrestler and Rachel Getting Married? Oh god- the drama, the righteous cause, the blood and the drugs! It's as if I'm a little kid just saw the commericial for E.T.! I'm literally squealing in anticipation... Mmm-hmm, total immaturity overload.


  1. Milk is fantastic. i saw it in Chelsea, which is where you MUST go to see a gay film. There were a lot of tears from the 50 and over crowd that actually lived that ish.

    I hear the Wrestler is veeeery Requiem for a Dream, so I'm sure I'll love it.

    I'm seeing Doubt and Slumdog in Baltimore over the holiday b/c what better place to see the two, than in the armpit of America. And since I don't do heroin, ain't shit else to do down there.

  2. Ummmm...why come "Notorious" isn't on your must-see list? :)

  3. Here, Here sister.

    Your Old Road Dawg from Mt. V