Monday, December 15, 2008

so this is your president, huh...

Hopefully, we've all managed to stop laughing at the look on President Bush's face when he got not one but TWO shoes hurled at his lying ass in Iraq the other day (that was a helluva duck tho). And I promise I won't beat the horse any deeper into the ground than that fool on CNN, trying to turn the tomfoolery into a serious topic with ridiculous questions like- 'how did this happen?' Um, eight years of pent-up aggression is my best bet. 'With all the security at the bunker, how did this person get inside?' Probably walked in with shoes on like everyone else.

But I did want to take a moment to point out the funniest part of the confrontation. No not the shoe, not the duck, not even the dead-on slurs but rather- the length of time it took the American Secret Service to care enough to react.

Seriously, what were the good 'ole boys doing back behind the door? SLEEPING? Dude stood up, screamed "This is a farewell kiss, you dog," took off a shoe, threw it, took off another shoe, the Iraq agents started to get involved and THEN the American Secret Servicemen decide to pop out and do something? Woah.


  1. ON the real, the NFL needs to be scouting the next QB sensation in the middle east. They are generations deep in rock throwing. It's a cultural pastime. And with distance and accuracy (nevermind the fool who missed W from 12 ft out). Somewhere the next MVP is kicking up dust cross the ocean.

  2. OKKAAYYYYY Why the hell was he able to get the 2nd shoe off?