Monday, December 15, 2008

so about saturday...

Okay, I need to start by saying that it was FREEZING outside on Saturday.

No, not cold like "you should probably wear your hat" cold. It was more like "you should probably stay your behind inside" type weather going on out there. I know for a fact that when I turned on NY1, the temp said 26 degrees. How-some-ever, you'll be happy to know.... WE DID IT.

Me and my girls dragged our lazy behinds (well, almost all of them... There were some casualties that fell off along the way- LISA, MELISSA, TRICIA) down to the Central Reservoir and completed the first ever Race To Save Our Thighs.

I wish I could give you a blow-by-blow about the whole experience but unfortunately my brain was frozen for the majority of the time we were out there. So aside from Charreah frontin' hard like her alarm didn't go off when we all know you were trying to get out of it, Marissa's gloves getting stolen at the Starbucks on 125th/ Lennox before she even arrived at the starting line, Toya spiking her water bottle with some GNC Jesus juice, Sharae trying to simultaneously jog and hide her face from the video camera (yes, Toya's hubby-to-be, Dre a.k.a Drill Captain also braved the cold to bring the camcorder) and my ankles feeling like they were going to shatter into a million pieces with every frozen step; I can't remember much.

No worries, as soon as we get all the scenes where I'm panting like a wildebeast and Toya's nose is running like a leaky faucet edited out, I'll put the video up for you all to enjoy (read: laugh at). Promise.


  1. lol. And don't forget the foot pad. I definitely was on the verge of a rain check but glad I didn't. Now I know where Charlotte runs on SATC . . .

  2. Cold is never a good look and is not a motivator. My solution is not as bold, but it works. Treadmill. Walk it out!