Monday, December 29, 2008

don't mess w her man...

God bless her heart, over the past eight years, Condoleezza Rice has never ceased to amaze. Talk about the forreal, forreal bottom chick, she holds dumbass W. DOWN!

Her ability to consistently turn a blind-eye to the atrocities of the current Bush administration are damn near unrivaled: Ridiculous tax breaks for the wealthy? Yup. Multiple cases of genocides around the world? Forget it. Spy on US citizens and torture prisoners for fun? Let's do it. Invade a bunch of countries for kicks? I wanna jump out the plane after you. Sit back and watch thousands of Americans die in New Orleans? I'll be in Sergio Rossi picking up those red pumps you like to see me in.

I mean, even poor Colonel Powell had to cry mercy, blame his wife and bail the hell out of the shit show.

But not Condoleezza. No maam. Ms. Rice is absolutely determined to take it to the finish line talking about "experts criticizing Bush "aren't very good historians" and "people will soon thank George Bush for what he's done." Really Condi??? So this is how you want to go down in history? Sigh.

I swear, they don't make 'em like this anymore...


  1. She is ride or die for the wrong side. Oh Condi, if you only used your power for good...

  2. I don't understand. I guess she needed a job.

  3. F--- a husband. I need a bottom bitch like Condi. Where do I sign up?

  4. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT the bottom bitch. I'm done. Just... done. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!

    (she is that chick though, huh?)