Friday, February 29, 2008

thank god heidi has a great plastic surgeon...

As a woman, I'm accustomed to men making unwanted/ uninvited/ inappropriate advances when walking down a NYC street. Normally, I simply charge it to the game and try to remember to return the favor whenever I see a cute construction worker (nothing like a man in a hard hat). But yesterday while running errands on 34th Street with my girl, Rhea this guy damn near drooled on her as we walked past. I kid you not, dude seemed on the verge of taking a bite out of her face.
Granted, Rhea is a head turner any day of the week. She's one of those rare (and highly annoying) beauties who even on an 'off' day, looks more effortlessly pulled together than most women I know. BUT Rhea is six months pregnant!! And in the defense of well-meaning men with normal sensibilities, you'd never know if you were looking at her behind, since she's having a perfect pregnancy and still regularly rocks 4 inch knee high boots with the aplomb of a beauty queen. But that was not the case yesterday- this weirdo walked right up on us, damn near bumping into a huge display table because he was so busy trying to get all up in her grill. The worst.
Apparently, this has become a common occurrence according to Rhea. Who knew there were so many men with pregnancy fetishes? I mean seriously, even if Rhea wasn't happily married- which she is- what exactly could she do with this man? Take prenatal yoga classes?
The whole encounter really made me think about the way Seal scooped Heidi Klum when she was knocked up. And moreover, how that woman STAYS getting pregnant. I'm just saying.... If Seal weren't a star, would he just be one of those leering men tripping over his feet when pregnant lady walks by?

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  1. I have to agree. I think there is something kinky and bizarre about the whole men and pregnant woman thing. I think the whole "it feels better" issue swallows them whole as they scream expletives at the mommy-to-be. Yes preggo women can have that radiant beautiful glow, but gross man+bump watch=NO NO.