Wednesday, February 27, 2008

making my nerves bad

So there are alot of things that add to New York City's unique charm. In my humble opinion, topping that list is our city's rich history. The Big Apple has been around a looooooong time. You can tell by the look, feel and yes, even grime of the city. But hey, it's my home and I claim it. Couldn't imagine living anywhere else... except maybe LA for the right upper six-figure deal... but I digress.

What I will not claim is the tomfoolery that is NYC gov't lame attempt to hold things together with gum and spit. Can someone please explain to me why in the world the roof of this C line subway train barely being held together by simple duct tape that anyone can cop at the local hardware store? WHY? I'm saying, this aint no bottomless pothole that might wreck a car or two. We're talking about a vechicle for MILLIONS of people. If you ask me, fixing this raggedy roof is probably more important than giving me another $135 parking ticket for parking in front of a fire hydrant for 30 secs while I ran in to but my MegaMillion lotto ticket. I'm just saying... Don't you think?
Sigh. Let the prayer circle commence.


  1. tomfoolery. Really, Mitzi?

  2. LMAO@that busted up roof!!!!! I used to ride the C train, too--dag, why it gotta be so messed up for?