Thursday, February 21, 2008

bless the hands that tend to the naps

So I'm chatting with a good friend that cuts hair for living and he mentions that he isn't feeling so well. Something about a sore throat and tightness in the forehead... Not thinking much of it, I suggested he take some Emergency, get some rest, and promised to check on him the next day.

Well in true Mitzi form, as soon as I hung up the phone my mind got to spinning out of control- What would happen if he really got sick? Who was going to cut his clients hair? And then bringing it back to me- 'cause I always do- what would would happen if Edris, my favorite hairdresser in the whole entire world ever got sick? What if it happened on a day that I needed her? Omigod, I would be DEVASTATED. 'Cause ask anyone who's ever seen me with the signature EDRIS party 'do- that woman makes my hair SANG. Whenever I leave her salon I look and feel like a sups-dupa-star!!!

Besides it's a scientific fact that can't nothing go right when your hair is a wreck. I'm willing to go as far as, there are just some people that should never be allowed to get sick, go on vacation, have babies, etc.- brain surgeons, the President of the United States, and most importantly, hairstylists. Shoot... Edris is just as important as my transplant coordinator and quietly, even more of a priority when it's time to step out (no offense Maureen).

Please believe that from this day forward, without fail, I will be including Ms. Edris in ALL my daily prayers.

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  1. Oh Lord chile I can agree with this post totally and 100%. My naps need attendance at all times, and what would I do without my hairdressin' cousin, Raki? She is in my prayers at all times, because the luxurious luster that comes from her hands unto my hair is a pure blessing (and an expensive perm). Amen!