Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my mentor is better than your mentor

Ok, my idol/ super tight homegirl/ author extraordinaire Joan Morgan just got back from interviewing Hillary Clinton in New Orleans for vibe.com!!! How fly is that? I swear, when I grow up, I want to be just like Ms.Morgan.
Anyhoo, she finally asked the good Senator the question that's been burning the tip of my own tonge for the longest- "How can Senator Clinton propose to lead by example and represent young women when one of her strongest supporters is Bob Johnson, the founder of BET, which airs videos that are filled with negative images of women?" Check out what Hill had to say about that and the possibility of an Obama/Clinton '08 dream ticket:http://www.vibe.com/news/online_exclusives/2008/02/decision08_hillary_clinton_obama/

Which one are you hoping for... Obama/ Clinton '08 or Clinton/ Obama '08?

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  1. It's a tough decision to make as far as who I'd rather see at the top of the ticket. Both candidates make solid points on the hot button topics that I believe in. When Primary Day came down here in GA, I had to simply pick one because neither had me completely on their side, but it definitely wasn't one of those situations where I felt, like a lot of other people, "Let me vote for Obama- he's Black like me!" Because in that instance, I'm a woman too, so I'd be conflicting with myself if that was a deciding factor. Bottom line, I think had to choose based on the feeling I got when Obama made his last speech after winning SC. It did something to me. But as I stated before, I honestly wouldn't mind if it was Clinton/Obama.