Friday, February 22, 2008

colored snow is not your friend

I love snow days!!! But let me be specific, not the day of blustery dirty water flurries that stick to your hair instead of the ground and only make you wet and annoyed. I'm talking about a certified- winterwonderland, shut it down, curl up on the couch with my fave pillow/blanket, watch the latest delivery from Netflix and talk to my girls on the phone all day long type of snow day. SIGH. I'm in heaven right now...
Drama loves snow days too. As soon as my dog sees fresh snow, she forgets that she's supossed to be an geriatric eleven-year old dog with a pronounced limp and bad attitude. Instead, she reverts to those long gone puppy days when she used to run amuck across my mom's lawn leaving little trails of yellow snow behind. Hee-hee.

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