Thursday, February 7, 2008

clearly under the influence...

Why is it that I can never get out of Target without spending AT LEAST $100!?!? No matter how many times I give myself the 'I'm just going to run in and get out' pep talk, it hasn't happened yet.

Perferct example: Last night: I went to Target to buy a towel. A single towel. Just ONE single towel that got ruined in the last unexpected bathroom leak (cause you know I needed the receipt to deduct from this month's rent that I'm paying when? Today). So anyhoo, understanding that I have a problem, I purposely didn't arrive at Target until 15 minutes before closing (reasoning to myself that if the store is closing there should be all kinds of annoying "keep it moving shorty/ get up out of here/ the store is closing in 15 min announcements" to keep me on track). Well don't you know Target doesn't make closing announcements? So next thing I know it's 9:15p and I've not one but TWO towels, a new floor mat/ toilet cover set, matching handtowels, a giant lint roller and replacements, face moisturizer, headbands, pancake syrup, and a seashell shaped candle holder. DOES THIS EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE? My total came to $98.51 minus the ONE towel. Um, why am I acting like there's not a recession popping off? Didn't my financial planner just give me the extra side-eye when we had our retirement planning meeting the other day (heeey Anthony!)? Sigh, I give up. It's true, I'm addicted to Target


  1. Don't feel bad. It happens to the best of us! I used to work at Target and hated it. Ever since I can't stay out of there. There should be support groups for this.

  2. i just accept the fact that i will always end up spending more than i planned and just make sure i absolutely love everything i get cause i'm not returning it to buy even more stuff while i wait in that long ass return line lol

  3. That's flippin' hilarious. I was just talking to my boyfriend about that the other day. I can NEVER get outta Target without spending upwards of $60, even if I went in to get a pack of gum. It's the commercials!! Those catchy songs, the cute choreography, the designer stuff for the cheap-cheap! They're brainwashing us slow.