Friday, February 15, 2008

only me...

It's official, I'm a crazy magnet. Either that or I'm a breathing example of the old adage- the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So this afternoon I decided to run into Pathmark to grab some ground beef so I can make my all time fave Friday night dish- tacos. I'm thinking, not only is cooking my food healthier than eating out, it's a also good way to save money. Besides, it's only one item, I should be in, out and on my way in ten minutes top. Right? Yeah, right.
Depite the fact that I sped through the fruit/ veggie section and grabbed my ground beef in a single swoop, I headed smack into a check out line 5 FOLKS DEEP. And all I can think is, 'It's 3.30 in the afternoon. Doesn't anybody on 145th Street have a damn job???' Since there was nothing I could do short of shoplift, I take a deep breath, turn on my Ipod and try to relax. Thirty minutes later (yes, as in 3-0), I'm just within striking distance- one person away. AND THEN this broad in front of me who's been acting like she doesn't hear her own baby crying it's lungs out for the past half an hour pulls a bag of MIXED grapes out of her cart!!! I almost fainted. Who in the world doesn't know that you have to separate the grapes by color and seed? It's 2008 people, COME ON. but wait on it- then 'ole girl starts to ARGUE with the checkout chick. Talkin' about she always mixes her grape and how she wants to speak with a manger. At this point it has now been FORTY-FIVE minutess of waiting. I started to have visions of snatching the bag of grapes and smacking her and the snotty nose baby upside the head with it.
Omigod, all this for a pack of beef? And as I'm sure you can guess- I dont even want the stoopid tacos anymore.


  1. LOL. Gotta love the pathmark on 145th. Always, ALWAY packed when it shouldnt be.

    Today I saw Nadirah in there and she mentioned you:)

  2. LOL! How I miss Pathmark. I've been super spoiled by super efficient Kroger and Publix out here under the Mason Dixie line.

  3. That Pathmark is a gateway to hell. It was really good for about the 1st month it was open, just long enough to get you thinking you could go there safely, then gradually turned into the 1st level of ghetto hell. Judging from your story, it may have moved to at least level 3.

    luv & kisses from scotland,

  4. Maybe it was for the best. You do know there was a major beef recall recently?