Wednesday, February 20, 2008

my godson is a genius...

Now I know that everybody thinks that their godchild is special. But for the record, I KNOW that my John Junior is beyond special. Matter of fact, I'm scared of this child. Every time I turn around he amazes me... Case in point, today- I'm talking to his mother about what's new and improved in my little jelly bean's world (Yes, that's what I call him).
Here's how our convo went:

Mitzi: So how is JJ doing in school?
KD: "Things are great. JJ had his first parent teacher conference... the pychologist had to explain to his teachers why JJ is the only child that goes to the quiet box and stands on his head."
Mitzi:"Um KD... why is my godson standing on his head when he gets sent to the quiet box a good thing!?!?"
KD: "Because that's the way adults tone it down in yoga. And your godson was just showing the teacher that he is trying to pull himself together."

Tone it down? Yoga? Who is this little boy with the craziest smile ever?
Come on, I double dog dare you to try and beat that.


  1. I don't know if I can be that, but kids imitate everything. Marseille has been spending a considerable amount of time in the Punish Corner, so now when Barney acts up, she gives him a time out too. Penny (Good Times) wasn't the only one taking it out on Boo Boo Bear.

  2. Oh, I have stories for days about this... my stepson, Mazi, used to have an invisible friend named Maziboo, who was an absolute badass... if, for some strange reason, the cat food was turned over and splayed all over the floor? Maziboo did it. If the toys were left in the middle of the floor? Maziboo did it. Towels unfolded? Pee all over the bathroom floor? Evidence of the milk being drunk from the cat bowl? That damn Maziboo! He was a freakin' terror, that Maziboo. LOL!

    But I need to know why the 3-year-old knows how to "tone it down" with the use of Yoga. That boy is headed to Yale--freak what you heard!

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  4. Hello fabulous ladies, and Denene and Mitzi my two new favorite authors! This is a great post, because I truly believe that with the correct guidance, Generation Z (?) will be leading our nation out of economic shambles, with the way these children think. Despite what some (naysayers, haters) may believe, most young black children have got creativity, goals, and insight galore! My kid sister Jaeda (8) is wowing her teachers and friends' parents by bashfully telling them that she wants to be an accountant or an investment banker when she grows up, because she's so good at math.

    Miss Mitzi, I love that your godson is great at yoga...he can show his friends! At that age, he is definitely a prodigy.