Monday, February 18, 2008

lil' lisa turned 30...

and considered this is a valid excuse to book a fly hotel suite, get her friends twisted on liquor and cupcakes and then flash her thigh in my pictures... And you know what? I concur. Thanks Shorty Rock!
But on a more serious note, does another girlfriend turning the big 3-0 mean I'm really an adult? 'Cause not for nothing, I'm nowhere near having the meaning of life figured out and firmly believe in calling my mom at least twice a day for answers. And it seems like every time I turn around another friend is turning 30+, getting married or-gasp- getting knocked up. Am I the only one who feels super pressused to pull it together?
Speaking of getting my life together, I should probably mention that I'm currently featured as a talking head in BET's 'Top 25 Celbrity Break-Ups'. And I say this only b/c folks are always yelling at me for not keeping them updated on the latest and greatest in my work life. So there you have it, I'm on BET spewing 'ish about celeb break-ups (which is super ironic for reasons that will remain unsaid- you do the math).
DISCLOSURE: not really sure what had happened with my hair but I do love the way my make-up and outfit look onscreen. The twins were working the usual magic in the v-neck Malandrino knit dress... LOL.

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  1. LOL. That's so funny, because I was just talking to my boyfriend about that yesterday. Sometimes I find myself thinking about the way my life turned out (like I'm not 75 and not 25). It's like, after a certain point, as a woman specifically, it feels like your clock is ticking. And not even biologically but like you said, "time to pull it together". I was telling him that I'd never choose life without our daughter but, 'What if I had it pulled together on the career tip when I was supposed to?" And he was like, people with their dream careers are thinking about "pulling it together on the family tip." [sigh]