Thursday, February 28, 2008

cold all the way down to my pink cotton drawers...

Why is running errands in 20 degree weather so much harder than when it's warm outside? It's not like the number of things on the to-do list changes... It hurts to think when I'm this cold. I was wearing no less than 5 layers of clothes and still freezing my behind off. It makes no kinda sense. And even though I was being productive in theory, at the end of the day when I finally dragged my tired, numb butt into my apartment only to discover the 150+ emails waiting in the inbox, I felt like I haven't done a damn thing worth taking about. SIGH. I need an personal assistant. Pronto.
Okay, maybe I should start with a PDA... But not for nothing, I don't want folks to have that much access to me. When I'm out, I'm out. I like the idea of my cellphone being just that- a phone. No you can't send me pictures, no I won't receive your urgent email, I barely reply to text messages (typing on the miniscule numerical keypad hurts my hand) and if you call during peak hours I probably won't even answer. Go 'head and try me.

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