Monday, February 25, 2008

two snaps down...

After barely recovering from a vicious 24-hour flu, I went to see the final performance of The Color Purple musical last night at the Broadway Theater. Now, commonsense says I should've stayed my behind home and watched the Oscars. but since it was officially the last night of the show's Broadway run and I actually paid full price for my ticket, I popped some Immodium (thanks Sharae) and went to see what all the hype was about.
And all I have to say about the show is- WHY? WHY, WHY, WHY? Why would Oprah sign off on that ridiculous interpretation of such a classic novel and movie? You say Bush doesn't care about black people? After sitting through last night's performance, I have some serious questions about my beloved Lady O. Otherwise how could she see on all the peeling lace front wigs, poorly placed microphones (dead on the center of the forehead? Really?), gruesome facial expressions made by Celia, unnecessary extra plot (did Celie really sell pants?) and gratuitous lesbian liason references and still co-sign on that tomfoolery? I mean seriously, when the gossipy chorus is the best part of the show, Houston we've got a problem.

Not to sound like a miserable killjoy- yes, I am always happy to see black people working, and there were definately some notable individual moments within the extra long two and a half hour performance but the next time an evil, lowdown dirty, ignorant woman-beating masochist like Harpo can be reformed and redeemed by simply changing his dark colored shirt to a rainbow hued plaid one, PUH-lease count me out.


  1. i was at the matinee yesterday and had no clue it was the final day!

    Yes, Celie did sell pants and i was actually impressed with the lesbian element since it was completely downplayed in the film (though it was a major part of the book).

    with that said, i still concur that the broadway adaptation was wack. aaaand i certainly don't remember albert/mister turning into a good guy at the end of the book. i may need to reread. that was the whole controversy of the book's release - no redemption of black male characters.

    i'm surprised at oprah, but even more astounded that my girl alice would let this happen.

    you ain't never lied about those facial expressions or mics. just horrible.

  2. I didn't see the Broadway show but I saw when the cast performed on The Oprah Winfrey Show a few years back when it was first opening. Between the "black" dialogue and the cheezy costumes I already could see that I would be irked by the whole situation so I stayed away.

    I guess I shoulda warned you.

  3. Oh now though i love both kbill and mitzi your both buggin. not only did Celie sell pants and Mister redeem himself in both the movie and the book.. remember he is the reason why Celie and Nettie were reunited. But the play was pretty decent now I did see it opening night so im sure by the time they got to the end they were over it themselves.

    so essence... no pun intended :) read the damn book watch the movie and go see shit when it opens

  4. i thought the musical had its moments (pun intended). i liked that it stayed truer to the book than the movie although the movie is a classic! at least you didn't have to sit thru skinny ass michelle from Destiny's Child playing Shug Avery!

  5. i liked it!!! bad wigs and all. i saw it in previews with lachanze (sp?) she was great. very powerful...the white man sitting next to me was crying like a baby. my mom and i were snickering...but i digress...i need you not to be giving shout-outs for the i hope you're feeling better!