Tuesday, February 26, 2008

no, I don't know when it's airing...

This afternoon I taped an episode of a series entitled, Heavyweights for the Food Network. Which is cool but not half as cool as the conversation that I had with my girl/ favorite make-up artist in the world, Romy while she was figuring out what to do about my face. Romy asserted, "Ex-boyfriends make the best boyfriends." And I first, I started to disagree but then I had to pause. She's absolutely right. Who's boyfriend hasn't acted 110% better once you cut them off? It's like add a break-up and they instanly become the man you've always wanted. What is that?
'Cause in my opinion, I have some of best ex-boyfriends in the world. They're all such a diverse, decent looking, intelligent, personable bunch and for the most part, extremely 'gifted' hint, hint.
They know exactly what to say or do to bring a smile to my face. Their timing is impeccable-never forget a birthday, holiday or even favorite color. They're patient and always so understanding of my little moments/ mini-tempertantrums. And did I mention helpful? An entire relationship can go by and not one offer to pick up some groceries. Let a break-up occur... refrigerator stocked. All the little quirks and bad habits that used to drive me up a wall are so cute.... And then it hits me- all this is possible because they're busy being somebody else's problem. Sigh.
I love my ex-boyfriends. Don't you love yours too?


  1. ...The rest suck, but I could see how some exes could make the best boyfriends

  2. i agree with Romy. being that i have trust issues my relationships don't tend to last for over a year but the exes are the bestest after the relationships are severed.