Tuesday, February 5, 2008

four days and counting...

Why is it that something as exciting as going to my old school BFF, Mali's destination wedding with my fave travel partners, Angie & Carlita is turning out to be so damn stressful? Granted, no matter where I go, the last five days before departure are always hectic but this is ridiculous! Two assignments are due, a new pimple pops up every hour, everybody keeps calling an emergency meeting, the rent needs to be paid, the hairdresser is overbooked, my fave nail shop around the corner just got shut down by the health department, I lost the five pounds and the strapless magenta bridesmaid dress is looking crazy and I don't have but two pair of clean underwear left in my drawer! Argh- I need a nap.


  1. Well hello Mitz have a wonderfull stress free trip this is your life live it now to the hilth ha ha ha

  2. baby girl! all shall be well. when you come back, Obama will be the crown prince, the Giants hoopla will have subsided and February global warming weeks will have begun. ;-)

  3. i'm going to have to ignore everything else right now and beg you to adapt my belief that you can never have enough panties...EVER!! I have no shame...i have enough for a month and say 1 week lol