Monday, February 4, 2008

barack is my homeboy

But let one more person send me that produced, 'Yes We Can' video... Just ONE MORE!!!
I loved the actual speech when I heard it from the man's mouth, no need to try and convince me by humming it over a tune. Besides, shouldn't my friends know that I have the attention span of a two year old and live to procrastinate? The last thing I need is one more reason to wind up on 'Cause we all know that youtube ain't nothing but a gateway website. Next thing I know, I'm surfing YBF, Dlisted, my all time fave Crunk & Disorderly; and word the first hasn't been written ALL DAY LONG. Besides, do I really need to hear Scarlett Johanssen try and jumpstart her pop career?? Really?
But back to the point- if you dont' want me and Drama trying to crash on your couch becasue we got evicted, sstop sending me that video.
PS if you need further inspiration take a gander at this editorial observation of the effect that the women are having in the NYT.


  1. But come on--the video is kinda dope, even if Scarlett J can't sing, and Tatiana Ali can't carry a note in a paper bag. Will.I.Am is a musical geeeenius.

    Um, if J. Legend evah gets rid of the lanky, janky, stringy models, he can come holla at a girl who looks like his mama. (Oh, okay, once he gets through my hubby. But you know what I'm sayin'.)

    Go Barack! And after he finishes straightening it out, Michelle Obama for f-in' president. Let them pass the presidency around like a party joint--shoot the Bushs and Clintons do...

  2. i didn't even know about the video! so thanks for informing me MM.and now i can tolerate everyone in the video but that d@Mn fonsworth bentley has got to go!!!...he should go in the guiness book for streching his 15minutes for all these years...

  3. LOL. I dont like this. I was JUST about to post about that video. I dont really like because I think he has a little self hatred going on but cant knock the video.
    I didnt even see Fonsworth in there thankfully.