Wednesday, February 6, 2008

super tuesday sucks...

Okay my people, I'm not totally ready to toss the honorary white woman cape on my back just yet but I'm definately having a moment with ya'll right now. Did Obama really sweep Idaho but lose New York and New Jersey? Uh-uh, I'm gonna need us to pull it together folks.


  1. You know I'm as subject to a "My People, My People" moment as anybody else but before we turn in our black cards maybe we need to ask exactly how many brothers in New York and Jersey were able to vote even if they wanted to yesterday? The law says ex-felons are ineligible to vote.A disproportionate # of those felons are brothers. Not to excuse the lazy, trifling or simply unmotivated among us but maybe we ought to examine how many of us are being legally disenfranchised and what that does to our political clout.
    Just saying. xo

  2. What she as much as we know NYC is the center of the Earth and all others should follow our lead, the STATE is full of a bunch of may as well be in middle america folk. We've got Harlem, Newark, select sections of BK and BX, the projects in SI, Mount Vernon, Patterson...the rest of both states may as well be Indiana.

    Plus, some folk just lazy and ignorant and won't vote.

    Luv always,
    li (live from Scotland!)

  3. YO, that was funny that Obama lost NY/NJ....but I think it was due to Hillary being an Northeast Senator and that (I think) Idaho is a caucus state...Obama has done much better in the caucus states then Hillary...correct me if I'm wrong anyone...don't want to put out bad facts. Good job Mitzi...