Friday, February 8, 2008

am i the only one....

That didn't know this chick was in rehab? Really Eva? Is THIS what we're doing now? Didn't she get the memo that when you get make it to the pages of Instyle you're was supposed to leave the Johnny Walker filled flask behind? Uh-uh, unfortunate looking love scenes with Will and Denzel don't make you a big enough celeb for this type of behavior senorita. Boo, hiss boo.

On another note, I have to say how much I appreciate that Health Ledger's unfortunate 'accidental overdose' on prescription meds has now become the impetus for all kinds of whatever white celebrities to run to rehab. Yes, hello Kirsten Dunst. Who's next? Jessica Simpson?

I only wish there was rehab for piss poor acting. Then everytime a movie BOMBED or the performance was NOT-SO-MUCH, folks could get to running there.... I can hear it now- "Hi, my name is Cuba..."


  1. Our generation thinks rehab is the "In Thing" to do. Rehab is the Cure-All, if you're fat; go to rehab, if you're dumb; go to rehab, but is it really working?

  2. [Shaking head] You're a mess. LOL. But I saw that today too. I'm like, "What the hell?" Kirsten? What? Eva? I agree, that shit with Heath shook 'em up.

  3. Yeah, I was surprised at Eva too . . .

    And you are a nut with the "Hi Cuba"
    It's not his fault he always ends up these wack movies. He'll always be Trey in Boyz in the Hood to me, back when Lawrence Fishburne was Larry . . .