Monday, February 4, 2008

super bowl mvp title really should've gone to...

All the diehard fans of the NY Giants. Year after year, those poor white boys trek out to the Meadowlands and sit in the freezing cold for hours at a time just to watch their team lose (further proving my personal theory that white folks have wallrus skin).
Therefore, I believe NOBODY, not even David Tyree who had the most amazing catch I've seen in YEARS and probably woke up this morning unable to move his neck, deserves it more than the the WBs. 'Cause you know where us 'sometimey' black folks were up until the team actually made it to Arizona- in our houses, WARM, talking smack about how the Giants wasn't neva gonna make it..


  1. don't know a damn thing about football and under regular circumstances could care even less, but I am a die-hard New Yorker goddamn and like most die-hards, I know that in the face of miracles tragedies and random acts of God(blizzards, 9-11, the Giants winning the Superbowl) NYers become some of the most generous, kind and loving people on the face of the earth. Here's to the Giants and the city that I love. Whoo-Hooo! JOan

  2. i dont know what your talking about! i was all for the Giants long time ago =P even though Eli is a bit slow, i hung on cause i'm a Shockey fan all the way lol I knew they were gonna win...just wish it would have been a better game up until the final 4 mins lol

  3. I'm no Giants fan, but Manning brothers winning the Superbowl 2yrs in a row had me excited. The Big Easy represented.