Wednesday, February 13, 2008

small dogs are cats that bark

Sigh, don't you just love well trained dogs? You the know the kind that come when they're called, sit and fetch on command, have been housebroken since you first met them? Not to wax all nostalgic on our four-legged friends but quietly, I was feeling aways when I noticed that I missed the Westminster Show this past weekend. For the first time like- ever-a beagle, named Uno; won the Westminster Kennel Club's 'Best In Show prize for 2008.
Trust me when I tell you that Uno the showdog is a far, far cry from Mighty, the super spoiled, nappy haired dog that I'm stuck babysitting through the weekend (and my sister says that I don't love her).
Aside from the fact that I don't necessarily care for small dogs, Mighty is about 30 pounds of nothing but bad dog. He whines constantly, barks at the tiniest noise (did I mention that I live in the hood? where police sirens, babies crying and folks arguing is considered mood music) requires a pillow, bed, blanket and countless toys to be comfortable and takes his dumps IN the house (wee wee pads are the tools of the devil).

I swear, if he tries to jump up on my couch or pee in my living room ONE more time, there's going to have to be a prayer circle for for his salvation.

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  1. I know Mighty can be a terror and I really appreciate you watching him:)