Monday, March 3, 2008

cuteness kills...

So I went up to Woodstock this past weekend to see my girl Joan perform in the Vagina Monologues. I had a great time. She was totally amazing, the show was really good, and I didn't even ruin my riding boots in the five inches of snow that fell during the performance. Afterwards we had an old school sleepover where we ate bad food (Burger King was the poison of choice), stayed up as late talking about boys and then woke up to a bright sunny Saturday. I couldn't ask for more. That is until I boarded the bus to head back down to the city and realized somewhere along the line I'd misplaced my earmuffs. And just that quick, I went from shiny happy people to damn near suicidal.
Why? Because those were my only pair of earmuffs left for this season (yes, I already lost a pair a couple of months back). And if you take one look at my picture, its pretty safe to say that there's no hat in the entire world that's fitting over that head of hair. What in the world was I going to do for the next three months without something to cover my ears? As visions of self-imprisonment floated through my head, I remembered that I'm going skiing in Tahoe on Wednesday!! At that point, I was literally in tears.

As soon as the bus pulled into the Port Authority, I bolted to Macys on 34th Street (a.k.a Dante's Inferno on a Sat afternoon). Praying the whole way- dear God, it's me Mitzi. I know its March 1st but puh-LEASE let there still be earmuffs available. PUH-lease! Apparently God was on a cigarette break, because when I got to Macys, the section formerly dedicated to hats, gloves scarves and most importantly, earmuffs is now converted to the sunglasses nook. All i could think was, there was a freaking snowstorm last night!!! Is anybody besides Diddy a.k.a Leader of the 'I Wear My Sunglasses At Night' movement ready for sunglasses yet?

Certain that a nervous breakdown was near, I called my girl Rhea who like any good pregnant lady was home doing her hair on a Sat afternoon. And she suggested I try Paragon sports in Union Square. Thank god for my friends.

Not only did Paragon have earmuffs, they were having a snow sale so almost everything skiing related was discounted. HAAA-LELUJAH, HAAA-LELUJAH, halelujah, halelujah!!!

Have you ever been so relieved to find something that you started crying when the sales person shows you that the store has them in stock? Well that was me. I swear the poor salesgirl must of thought I was a psycho the way I started blubbering my thanks. Sigh. Yes, I am so many things... but none of them cold.


  1. Thanks for braving the storm mama...Knowing you were in the audience definitely brought the temp up a notch. Sorry I couldn't find the earmuffs before you went to Paragon but the good news is you now have enough cute gear to visit me at least three times during the winter season : )

  2. your so funny!! yes, you are the kind of people that will make me rich when i write my book about being a sale girl lol