Monday, March 24, 2008

just like that...

Um, once again I'm experiencing that strange sensation where I regret that I don't watch TMZ news or read the tabloids enough. Who knew Corrine Bailey Rae was married? I thought homgeirl was like, 17 years old. Tell the truth, didn't you? Lord Jesus. And now her 31 year-old husband Jason Rae has been found dead? From a drug over dose? Sigh, it's barely 9am and I'm already tapped out.

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  1. Hey Mitzi! First and foremost, CONGRATS on your new book Hotlanta!!! That is so awesome!!! I am a friend of Shayla's and was at her baby shower, but you probably do not remember me since that was the only time we've met :-). But nevertheless, I love your work and saw the Essence article last year and will let everyone know that they need to "get you on Oprah's couch" asap and support you! This is a huge step and again I say, congrats!

    Now...on to the Corinne Story.... wow.... I didn't knos she was that old either...or married.... in a word. wow. :(

    Take care lady!