Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oprah here I come..

HOLY COW, thanks to all the wonderful, amazing, supportive friends that I have, Hotlanta is now ranked#67 out of all the books on freaking AMAZON .COM. Can you believe it (Translation: I'm only 66 steps away from Oprah's couch ya'll) ??!!!!*
But wait on it- we're also# 2 on the Children's Books sale list and # 3 in Teens Books sale list!!* Watch out Harry Potter...
WOO HOO!! Que the wind machine, 'cause I can hear my big Daddy Kane theme music now- "I get the job done... I WORK, baby!" Feel free to insert visual image of Mitzi doing the running man right here.
And to think, yesterday morning before my err-um, gentle prodding/ subtle threats, our book was ranked at #263,000 overall!!!!
You guys are the freaking best EVER!!!!! Thank you sosososososo much!! I promise that when I get rich and famous, I'm throwing the dopest- 'Mitzi FINALLY Made It' party and EVERYBODY (that has a Hotlanta receipt) is invited.
*The ranking changes every hour so if you let up, we'll fall. So STAY FOCUSED:


  1. Yeah after that "lovely" email you sent me, i popped over to amazon and ordered it...your very welcome. you owe me cause lord knows i don't need to be spending any money right now lol No its all good...i can't wait to read it! Then i suppose i should get your other book too (ahem) lol

  2. Yeah Mitz it was a lot of hard work getting our people out in mass but you did it... peace and love Echudina

  3. Congrats! I'm getting my 14 year old niece a copy tomorrow.

  4. Thank you all so much, I really appreciate all the support.