Friday, March 28, 2008

damn ma...

Okay before I even begin to light into Remy Ma's behind, I need to quickly toot my own horn. This morning I completed my last day of boot camp!!! WOO HOO. I am super psyched about the results- the thighs are looking halfway decent and the tummy is back under control. Note, I did not say anything was 100% right, but it's back under control. So I won't have to be sucking it up the next time you guys see me on the Food Network.
Okay, back to the tomfoolery of the day. Now I wasn't even going to say anything about the disaster that is Remy Ma's life right now. But then I was listening to Hot 97 and happened to hear the DJ complain that Remy didn't even have a chance to say good-bye to her 8 year-old son or get her papers in order before they carted her off to jail. Didn't even have a chance? Um, not for nothing, did she not know she was on trial for manslaughter for the past 6+ months??? Come on folks, stop supporting the self-sabotoge.
Remy reminds me of the teenage girls who get pregnant, pretend that its not happening to them and wanna flush babies down the toilet at their junior prom. TOTAL DENIAL.
When I heard about Remy's conviction from Lil' Lisa and then read about the ensuing fall out in the courtroom- so much for being hardcore, huh?-my first thought was... well she did admit getting into 'ole girl's car and shooting her point blank in the stomach, no? So why the surprise? As Melissa so kindly reminded me this morning, 'she probably confused being famous in her neighborhood with something that mattered.' Unfortunate.
Don't get me wrong, I feel horribly for Remy. The one time I had the pleasure of interviewing her, she was nothing but nice. And I def jammed out to the 30-minute all Remy dedication they mixed and played in her honor this morning during the Morning Show. But the bottom line? I'm going to need people who have an opportunity to do better to appreciate that shit. It's one thing if someone stole your last dime, the day before you were about to be evicted from your home and now you had to hit the stroll to work it out. But that's hardly the case. Remy is facing 5-25 years behind bars over the amount of money that she probably spent popping bottles at the club last week. Tragic.
Not for nothing, I know Lil' Kim is somewhere laughing her ass off right now.


  1. Sooo crazy. I know, I agree. I posted something on this today also. What a stupid ass mistake. She had and opportunity to do something positive with her life and she played herself. Ugh.

  2. Uhm,Sweetie did you see what she wore to the courtroom? Fashion faux pas aside — glitter tops were never meant to see the light of day — it's clear she had every intention of leaving court that day and hitting some spot. Denial is right. And not for nothing, ain't Remy 'posed to be ALL "I CAN DO THAT TIME ON MY HEAD" HARD? So studio with it, that one.