Wednesday, March 26, 2008

who needs cable....

So last night, we had an old school style/ kick in the door/ bring in the dogs style police raid in my apartment building. I'm sorry, let me clarify- in the apartment directly above mine.
Around 10.20p, just as I was hunkering down for a much needed night of sleep, there's this humungous BOOM, all kinds of screaming and a man screaming- "THIS DA POLICE!!! EVERYBODY GET DOWN!! EVERYBODY ON THE FLOOR!!"
So naturally, my nosey ass shot straight to the front window where in less than 20 secs, ten police cars pulled up-on the sidewalk- blocking traffic from both directions and countless policemen were running up in my building like a bad episode of COPS. Straight drama.
I watched out my window for the next 15 minutes as a pitiful parade of at least 10 kids were lead out and around the corner single file (just so you know, my building is adjacent to one of the largest predincts in upper Manhattan) to jail. It was so sad. All these little knuckleheads that I've come to depend on to open the front door when I can't find my keys, carry my grocery bags when I'm overwhelmed and more importantly give the very necessary "you looking good" head nod whenever I step out; gone just like that.
This morning when I left my apartment, everything was eerily quiet. There wasn't one bleary-eyed hooded wanna be thug pulling his pants up as he struggled in from a hard night's work or a single offering of 'god bless you mami' to start my day. Sigh, this gentrification thing is working my nerves.

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