Monday, March 31, 2008

why the naacp won't ever see a penny from me...

So you may or may not remember this news story that broke a couple of months ago...
A Haitian woman who recently moved to West Palm Beach, FL was the victim of a home invasion. According to the news, NINE masked teenage boys, kicked in the door of the apartment where she lived with her pre-teen son. Over the course of several hours, they physically assaulted her and her son (they beat both, broke a plate over the kid's head and then poured cleaning chemicals in his eyes), gang-raped her, forced her to perform oral sex on her own child and then tried to set them on fire.

As is the case with many recent immigrants, local kids in the 'hood had been systematically bullying/ beating the crap outta the kid b/c of his distinct accent and out-of-style clothing. Officials believe that the home invasion was meant to further terrorize the boy and possibly rob the home. But when the mother tried to fight back and protect her child it took this horrific turn.

Mind you, this poor woman lives in the largest and most dangerous (naturally) projects in Miami. She is surrounded by people at ALL times. And NOT one person came to her aid. NOT ONE. After the fact, neighbors admit hearing her screams but cited fear of retalliation as their reason for not calling the police. WTF? I'm confused. Criminals have super sonic hearing and will know if you dial 911?

Of the nine teenagers that commited this crime only two have been apprehended. One has plead guilty.

As if this wasn't enough to make you vomit in your mouth...

Al Sharpton and locals members of the NAACP are now rallying behind the ACCUSED boys. Yes, you read that correctly. Fat ass Al is down in Florida talking about, 'its not right that these boys haven't been granted bail.' Apparently there was a similar situation involving a group of white kids that gang raped some girl and they were granted bail.
Ummmmmmm newsflash- the white kids didn't force the girl give her own father a blowjob.

If I never hear about Al Sharpton or the NAACP again, it will be too soon. Bail? Those teenagers are ANIMALS. They should be locked under the jail. There are no words. I just don't understand how we can hate ourselves this much.

Read it and feel free to cry. I know I did::


  1. Have mercy--Al, the NAACP, and any black person who co-signs their nonsense have all lost their damn minds. Seriously, Al? Boys accused of that kind of violence against a black woman deserve a hand, a voice, help? Sheer madness. Lawd, get me through...

  2. I am planning to craft a petition against Al Sharpton. I hope that you will all join me in speaking out against this outrage.

  3. OMG!!! I never liked Al but now, if i ever get close enough i will tell him where he and his prissy hair can go! This story is so upsetting! I'm gonna put it in my blog. And of course they want to use the "equal rights" bs...these guys need to be dropped off in Iraq period.

  4. This is really gross. Im horrified that ALL parties involved look like me! This is not genetic behaviour for us.