Friday, March 14, 2008

god don't like ugly...

I woke up this morning stricken with what can only be described as my own personal version of SARS: my throat was aflame, pajamas drenched in sweat, head thumping, face bloated; just looking and feeling crazy. You know those horrible 24-hour flu viruses that come from out of nowhere and reduce you to a sniveling child who is calling her mother at 3.30am talking 'bout, 'I'm dying?' Yeah, you better act like you know.
So anyway, as I'm moments away from my deathbed (or at least what feels like it) my girl Ayana, god bless her heart, hits me on IM (which is nothing but a tool of the devil. But that's another day's post). Now mind you, I haven't heard from Ms.Thang in a minute. Turns out, she too had fallen victim to this flu business about a week ago.
And I have to say, encouragd by the words of sympathy and solidarity from a survivor, my spirits immediately begin to perk up. Not to mention, who doesn't love the homegirl that's going to offer to get me anything I need to feel better?
But wait on it... I can have anything I need that will fit in a FedEx box- cause she aint coming within 500 feet of my contagious behind! LOLOL, I love my people I tell ya.

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  1. oh boo,'ve been having a h*ll of a week! hope you're feeling better. you're in my prayers.