Saturday, March 22, 2008

still not working on the essence assignment...

Okay dead serious, Kate Beckinsale is my new absolute favorite famous white girl (sorry Brit-Brit)!! I just read the most honest and hilarious Q&A from a working white celebrity that I've come across in like, forever. And I specify working because as soon as they become non-working D-listers, we can't seem to get them to shut da hell up (read: Tori Spelling, Jessica Simpson, et al.).
Homegirl said that she'd rather eat a vagina than sushi!!! Then continues to keep it real by admitting that since she doesn't drive, she basically bums rides everywhere from her friends and family. How-some-ever, and I quote, "the more kept I get the less cute it is." Did this WG just acknowledge that she's kept woman? LOVES it.
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