Monday, March 31, 2008

there is hope for the youth...

Okay, I know I'm all late with it BUT something this good worth repeating over and over again.
So apparently, a 12-year old was arrested about a weeek ago for throwing a rock through the windsheild of Soulja Boy's tour bus.
As if that wasn't enough to put a small smile on your face...
When asked why he threw the rock. He replied simply-" I hate Soulja Boy."
OMIGOD, I am peeing on myself right now!!!!! I think I love this kid. He has single-handedly restored my faith in the future of hip-hop.


  1. DYING of damn laughter over here. You are are...

  2. Not me, that damn kid talkin' bout, 'I hate Soulja Boy.' Couldn't have been said any better!

  3. I wanna throw a brick thru Soulja Boy's windshield too. Where is this 12-year old? He needs a Nobel Peace Prize. LOL! After I saw SB attempt to give a 30-second interview on cable, I was done. He said and it's difficult to quote "I be makin' moozic for the young peoples cuz my moozic a lotta aaad-dults can't, they won't be understand." Riiight. Forget Superman, he need to put on some glasses, make like Clark Kent and take his azz right back to school. Super soak some dayum books! He need to make like Clark his ass right back to school.