Wednesday, April 2, 2008

i need my mom to hold my hand...

Ummmm why am I so nervous about going to the dentist late rthis afternoon that I can't sleep? It's 3 o'clock in the morning and the thought of my impending cleaning/ getting a much needed crown has my stomach tied up in knots as if I was seven-years old all over again! Sigh.
And when I tell you that I've rescheduled this appointment no less than six times over the past YEAR cause I'm frightended to death of the dentist.... this is so crazy. Am I the only person over thirty that's still has panic attacks when the enter a dentist office?


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  2. Ha mercy--you ain't the only one. My 5-year-old is braver than me when it comes to sitting in the dentist's chair. Of course, her dentist plays SpongeBob on a TV just beyond said chair, talks to her nicely, and gives her stickers and balloons when she leaves. When I go, I get needles and a bill. It sucks to be grown.

  3. ..girl..NO....I had a root canal a few weeks ago and was practically sniveling in the chair...well...actually tears were rolling ...the dentist was like is WRONG with this chick ??

  4. Yo azz is shook 'bout going to the dentist cuz you be eatin' all that dayum candy. Drop the now n'laters and the muuuuhfreakin' jolly ranchers or as we say in the Chi, wiiiine candy down you won't be so scurred of the novacocaine, Ma. LOL!