Monday, April 14, 2008

drill sgt. dennis would be so proud...

In an effort to escape the walls of life that were steadily closing in on me, this past Saturday I hopped on the last thing smoking out of JFK and headed to San Fran for a much needed change of enviornment. Notice, I didn't say vacation. Because thanks to the free wi-fi in every inch of this city and the damn Crackberry, I am still very much up at the crack of dawn, working my butt off just to keep the head above water but at least I'm doing it from a really cute Chinese themed hotel with sunshine streaming in from the balcony (don't hate, join AAA).

Anyhoo yesterday, my girl Daria and I decided to rent bikes and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge. OMIGOD, sooo touristy but sooo much fun.

Mind you, I haven't been on a bike since I was in middle school... so there were definately some heart attack inducing moments when I first started out (that whole riding in traffic thing is a little tricky). Lesson of the day, pregnant women pusing double wide baby strollers are not a biker's best friend.

And not for nothing, my hair hates bike helmets. I mean seriously? This aint the Tour de France. Why the hell do I need that ridiculous looking half a football propped on top of my extremely large hair???? SIGH. Thankfully, a $6 baseball hat from 7-11 proved to be my saving grace from becoming a huge fashion faux pas. Envision puffs of hair sticking out on both sides of my head. Not a good look at all.

Before long (or too many near death experiences), I was peddling happily along the streets of San Fran. Which is probably more than I can say for my Daria... who despite weighing only a buck 'o one soaking wet, apparently has absolutely no strength in her little legs. God bless her little heart, between the whipping winds and steep hills, at the end of the day that poor chile was so tapped out she fell asleep while sitting up at the dinner table. Hilarious.


  1. Educated black people like natural hair. And it makes since that your educated black ass would ride across the bridge to Oakland where the rest of your kind are.

  2. And actually, the Golden Gate Bridge leads to Sausalito not Oakland...

  3. Mitzi: Don't argue with someone who cannot distinguish between 'since' and 'sense'. I read that post 4 times before I understood what that fool was *trying* to say. Not worth your time gorgeous. SMDH...

  4. Oh, the Life + Travels of MiMi! I think you should convert to a full fledged travel blog! Where to next?!