Wednesday, April 30, 2008

let us bow our heads...

Last night I mistakenly left one of the blinds in my bedroom partially open. So this morning I awoke to a beam of sunshine on my face. Under normal circumstances, this might have been slightly annoying. However, since we haven't seen a warm sunny morning since last week, I was very okay with it.
Unfortunately, the next thing my senses registered- work with me, it's was only 7 something in the morning at this point-was the sound of the running shower. Ok, not to sound all scary but I promise you, I damn near had a heart attack. In that moment, I was completely convinced that a serial killer had broken into my apartment and was taking a shower!!!!
So unlike the helpless pinktoe heroines in the scary movies, my black ass silently bolts out of bed and makes the mad dash to close the bedroom door before I become the next senseless tragedy on the cover of the NYPost. Then as I reach the door, I realize-DUH-that's not the shower. That's the extra loud ghetto radiator letting off steam. Okay, who so not allowed to stay up late watching slasher flicks anymore?
And all of this would be hysterical except for one tiny snag. In order for my cheapass landlords to allow the heat to come up past the month of April means only one thing, IT'S BRICK OUTSIDE. I'm talking, borderline snow. And sure enough, when I looked out the window people were scurring to and fro in down coats and Northface parkas! Um, hello... it's the last day of APRIL!!! Spring is officially dead.
I was so disgusted I had to go back to bed to try and stage a do-over on my day cause this makes no kinda of sense. Is anybody else as tired as I am of wearing winter clothes?

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  1. LOL. Girl, you are too funny... It was like that down here in the A last week as well. I hope Brooklyn warms up by the time I get up there next week.