Thursday, April 10, 2008

in total denial...

I said good bye to last bit of my youthful innocence and upgraded my no camera-no-internet-no-nothing cell phone to a Crackberry. Hasta la vista 'unable to check my email' messages, your girl has officialy given up her right to be totally checked out.
My therapist assures me that makign this change will relieve some of the anxiety I've been experiencing lately everytime I find myself away from my computer for more than an hour but we shall see. Personally, I think a long vacation on a beautiful white sand beach probably could have acheived the same result but that 's just my opinion. Sigh.


  1. Welcome to hell and a forever vibrating device. Because I know if mine doesn't stop, yours is going to be off the chain. Good luck with that! lol

  2. You officially have no excuse for missing days of blogging. In fact, you're bound to be inundated with blackberry spam like thelifefiles, pinkisthenewblog, bossip, etc. that will give you something new to complain and blog about daily.