Thursday, April 3, 2008

real homies help you get money...

Okay, so my girl Deja (who happens to be the dopest midday radio host in NYC- check her out Mon- Fri on Power 105.1), invited me to come up to the station this afternoon and talk to the group of teens that she mentors about HOTLANTA. And can I tell you? I thought I knew how nonchalant teenagers can be about everything, but I had NO idea.
Okay, these kids don't read magazines, don't really watch TV-except for College Hill but they hate 106 & Park, think sorta Oprah is cool but Tyra is the answer and prefer Rhi-Rhi over Beyonce. Apparently their days outside of school consist of jobs/sports/ hanging out, doing homework (I hope), working on their myspace pages, watching videos on Youtube and texting to one another CONSTANTLY.

Can I tell you how out of the loop I felt? I was like, well what about CosmoGirl, Seventeen or VIBE? Nope. Do you log on to prezhilton, bossip and The YBF? Huh, what's that? When I brought up going on the radio to publicize the book, they were like, "Yeah, do that. Oh and by the way, I listen to the radio between 6 -7am." 6-7am???? No maam. Can't nothing good come out of my mouth before 8am. SIGH.

But I refuse to be intimidated. Somebody is buying the Gossip Girl, the Clique and all those Meg Cobot books, got dammit. And if a pinktoe can do, so can I!!!

Now, will somebody please tell me how to contact the booker at Tyra's show?


  1. Get a copy to Sam Fine, her makeup artist. it will give her something to read while she's getting the drag queen beat

  2. I was just telling someone last week how crazy it is that Tyra Banks is considered the next Oprah. No shade, but Tyra Banks interviewing presidential candidates scares me.

    Kids don't do magazines. That part I knew. But :( @ the chirren choosing Rhionce over the original. And I thought Soulja Boy's popularity was pop culture's nadir.

    The second you get Tyra's hair dresser to slide her your book right before she glues Tyra's lacefront on, you're in there, ma!:)